Hatha Yoga Overview

This class offers a varied exploration of hatha yoga approaches. Class progressions may include: joint mobilizations through seated poses to standing postures; sun salutations leading back to seated poses; use of props in restorative postures and the holding of inversions; partner assists; guided visualization for healing. Participants may be involved in choosing the content for each class. Props and mats are provided.

Hatha Yoga & Guided Visualization

This two-hour hatha class takes a gradual progression from joint mobilization to more classical postures.  Physical posturing proceeds for 1 ½  hours.  The last half hour is devoted to a thorough relaxation process, based on the chakra system and its interface with the psychophysical self.

Ashtanga Yoga:   1st Series

The focus of this two-hour class is a dynamic posturing sequence known as the “1st Series”.  The intention of the 1st Series is to realign and balance the structure of the physical body.  The quality of this class is more demanding in terms of strength and flexibility than the hatha class described above.  Modifications of postures are allowed.

Guided Visualization

This class hones the use of the imagination and the ability to observe oneself internally in support of healing intentions. We begin with a few gentle postures to release the core of the body, then proceed to an extended visualization process that some refer to as "chakra clearing" or "resting in the spirit". Those with an affinity for prayer will especially appreciate this healing contemplation.

Adult Ballet

Ballet for Beginners

This ballet experience is intended for those with no previous ballet background, or those choosing to start “from scratch” again.  Ballet theory and technique will be presented at a fundamental level to provide a solid foundation for further work. 


Continuing Ballet

This ballet experience is intended for students who have studied ballet for a few terms to a few years.  Ballet movement vocabulary will be expanded gradually, and more emphasis will be placed on the skills necessary to execute combinations with vitality and grace.


Intermediate Ballet

This class is intended for students with more extensive ballet training. Ballet vocabulary will be expanded into the intermediate realm.  If the combinations given are beyond the level of exposure of the class members, the teacher will break down the elements of the movements to ensure a healthy learning experience.


Ballet & Hatha Yoga Combination

This combination class offers one hour of ballet barre, followed by one hour of yoga postures. Students are allowed to request postures during the second hour. Different styles of hatha may also be explored throughout the term.


Variations Class

Permission required to register.

This specialty class is presented for female dancers at the intermediate level, who are also enrolling in a two-hour technique class. The variation class will begin with a half-hour barre, followed by one hour of work on traditional variations from nineteenth century ballets. The number of variations learned will depend on the capacity of the dancers.

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