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This class is intended for students with more extensive ballet training. Ballet vocabulary will be expanded into the intermediate realm. If the combinations given are beyond the level of exposure of the class members, the teacher will break down the elements of the movements to ensure a healthy learning experience. The technical level will range from lower to higher intermediate work.

Interested in trying a class before Fall term begins? Call or text Suzanne at 517-980-1686 for dates.


Sunday - 9/11 - 10/23 - 7 - week term

Intermediate Ballet - 6:00 - 8:00 PM

$168.00 - cash or check** / $173.00 - PayPal

Kick It Out! Dance Studio, 1760 East Grand River, East Lansing



Private or Semi-Private Lessons

 Please call Suzanne at 517-980-1686 to schedule.

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